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Научные публикации В.А.Коварского
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List of publication by   professor V.A.Kovarsky

1. Nonradiative processes, Kishinev, Shtiintsa, pp.148   (1968).

2. Multiquantum transitions, Kishinev, Shtiintsa, pp. 159  (1974).

3. Nonadiabatic transitions in strong electromagnetic field, Kishinev, Shtiintsa, pp.174 (1980).

4. Kovarsky V.A., Perelman N.F., Averbuch I.Sh., Multiquantum processes, Moscow,   Energoatom, pp.161  (1985).

5. Belousov A.V., Kovarsky V.A., Syneavskii E.P., Optical properties in 
 low-frequency electromagnetic field, Kishinev,  Shtiintsa, pp.128 (1986).

The main review papers:   

6.  N.B. Delone, V.A. Kovarsky, A.V. Masalov, N.F. Perelman. The atom in  
     multifrequecy laser radiation. Usp.Fiz.Nauk 1980. V.131.p.617-652.
7.  V.A. Kovarsky.  Multiphoton processes under conditions of a strong disturbance of an atom by a radiation field. In: Interaction of electrons with strong EMF, Balatonfured, 1972, p.125-154.
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9.  V.A. Kovarsky. From quantum biochemistry to quantum biophysics.     Electron-  
     vibrational processes in biomolecules. Izvestia AN RM, 1994, V.3, pp.58-82.
10. A.V. Belousov, V.A. Kovarsky. Multiphoton Electron-Vibrational Resonances in Molecules. Laser Physics, 1993, V.3, p.672-681.
11. Applied problems of multiphonon transition in crystals. In : Nonuniform and  
      impurity semiconductor in external fields. Kishinev, Shtiiinta, 1979 pp. 3-22.


12. Perlin Y.E., Kovarsky V.A. The interaction of the electron  of conductivity with impurity centers of  ionic crystals  Kishinevskii Gosuniversitet.Uchenye zapiski,1954,V.XI,pp. 81-94.

13. Kovarsky V.A. Termal transition of  electrons under  acoustical vibrations with crystal lattices.
Kishinevskii Gosuniversitet.Uchenye zapiski,1955,V.XVII,pp.185-195.

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17. Kovarsky V.A. On the theory of nonrelative transitions in F-center  Jurnal optica i spectroscopia 1958, V.5, p.222-224.

18. Kovarsky V.A. Adiabatic method with the acount of weak phonon-electron interaction in the theory of the thermotransition.  Izvestia Moldavskovo filiala akademii nayk SSSR 1960, No.3,   pp.79-85. 
19. Kovarsky V.A. The influence of nonelastic scattering of electrons by F-centres on the value of  quantum efficiency of  external photoeffect from colour crystalls. Izvestia Moldavskovo filiala akademii nayk SSSR 1960, No.3, pp.87-89.

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26. Kovarsky V.A. Non applicanion of Condon aproximanion to nonradianive transitions in F-centers.Soviet Congress on Ionic Crystals. Riga, 1961.
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